The AL-KO Kober GROUP, is a leading supplier in the fields of automotive engineering, Garden + Hobby, and Air Technology. With groundbreaking ideas and innovative technology AL-KO supports people around the world. AL-KO applies a strict quality control process at each stage of production, from the development of the prototype through to manufacture, certification and electrical testing, guaranteeing a high quality final product.

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Alois Kober (AL-KO) founded his own metalworking workshop in the German region of Großkötz in 1931. In 1947, his 3 sons joined the business. During the 50s the business started developing and mass-producing hand brake levers for agri trailers. Sites in, Italy, France, the UK and Switzerland were then opened. In the 80s the company started manufacturing sit-on lawn mowers and garden shredders and opened new sites across the world. The company's success has been recognised with various international awards in the fields of technology, design and quality.

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