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Bruder Toys: Built to Last

Bruder Toys is a family company that now has its third generation at the helm. Founded in 1926, the company has grown to become a major global operation and their toy vehicles are a familiar sight in many homes. But Bruder products are more than just toys. Bruder products are designed to be played with, but also have educational value. The way they make the trucks means that children learn something, whether it be social skills, motor skills or knowledge about the world they live in.

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Quality is the Top Priority

Because the toys are designed for children, Bruder products also need to be robust. If something does break, despite the high level of quality, then individual parts are available to buy. This combination of factors means that the toys last for years.

Bruder has made a conscious decision to make quality their top priority, a philosophy that has proven to be successful. There is no other manufacturer who can make plastic vehicles of such quality on this scale which is why the products are sold worldwide.

Every year, between 10 and 20 new models are released, from agricultural and construction site vehicles through to municipal vehicles. Before a new vehicle goes on sale, it has to be researched, developed and manufactured, and this whole process takes about a year. If you want to find out which Bruder toys Kramp sells, take a look below.

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