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tools and agricultural components?

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It’s that easy.

Our goal is to make your work as easy as possible. With Kramp, you don't have to worry about spare parts being available, leaving you free to focus fully on increasing your sales.

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Services with added value

We have translated our sixty years of experience into a host of services designed to bring you added value. These services are centred around ease of ordering, efficiency and sharing knowledge and experience.

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Our markets

Whether you operate in the agricultural market, forest & grasscare sector, in construction or in mechanical engineering (OEM): as a one-stop supplier and technical specialist, we aim to add solid value to your business. We understand your market and we are aware of just how many options there are to make your business simple and efficient. Our aim is to help you turn spare parts into a profitable activity.

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About Kramp

As a one-stop supplier of spare parts, technical services and business solutions, we act as a strategic partner to businesses in the agricultural sector, forest & grasscare sector, in construction and in OEM.

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Close to the customer

We are happy to push the boundaries for our customers. We are now represented at 21 sites in 19 European countries and we have our own sales team in China. We continue to value the local nature of our company. You are simply doing business with a local partner; one who knows your market, speaks your language and who is never far away.

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