Protector disc Ergo-Schnitt

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  Description Brand Unit Designed for
Each - Stihl: FE55, FR106, FR108, FS36, FS40, FS44, FS48, FS52, FS56, FS62, FS66, FS74, FS74R, FS76, FS76R, FS80, FS81, FS85, FS86, FS88, FS96, FS106, FS108, FS120,
Each - Alpina: 210, 220
- Echo: 140, 160AE, 190, 200, 200BE, 210AE, 230, 250EL, 250EU, 300, 302, 310U ...
Each - Dolmar: MS3300, MS3310, MS4000, MS4010, MS4010K, MS4500, M4510
- Stihl: FS160, FS200, FS220, F ...
Each - Echo: CKS5810, CLS4600, CLS5800,
- Husqvarna: 16R, 18RL, 22RL, 25R, 26R, 32L, 39R, 120L, 125L, ...