Trimmer heads Tap & Go Easy Load for Adaptors Ø 109mm FGP015389

Specifications - During cutting, the trimmer line can be extended very easily and above all very quickly
- Trimmer line can be replaced without dismantling
Benefits - Saves time
- User-friendly
Application - For string cutters from 25 cm³
- For DIY enthusiasts and semi-professional use
Properties - Connection with adapter (ordered separately)
- Type: semi-automatic Tap-N-Go

- Suitable for the following trimmer line types:
Ø 2.0mm, maximum line length: 10 m (standard equipment)
Ø 2.4mm, maximum line length: 8 m
Ø 2.7mm, maximum line length: 6 m
Ø 3.0mm, maximum line length: 5 m

- Replacing the trimmer line:
1. Turn the trimmer head so that the markings are located opposite each other
2. Pull the trimmer line through the openings
3. Make sure that the trimmer line protrudes the same on both sides
4. Wrap the thread around the spool with the help of the selector switch
  • Guide list for brushcutter head adapters

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  Description Brand Unit Amount per packaging (pcs) Info Thickness_mm (mm) Outer Ø (mm) (mm) Wire Thickness (mm) Length (m)
Each 12 NEUTRAL adaptor, delivered without adaptor (to be ordered separately) 2.0/2.4/2.7/3.0/3.5 109 2.0 2.7
Each 12 2.0/2.4/2.7/3.0/3.5 109 2.0 2.7