WEY knife gate valves VNC

Specifications - Intermediate knife gate valve actuated by dual-action pneumatic cylinder
- Pipe boot sealed by sealing on the narrow side of the plate
- Adjustable transverse seal prevents medium from leaking externally
- Blade-shaped valve plate shears off solid objects
- No deposits thanks to scraper strips and special plate geometry
Benefits - 100% waterproof
- Long service life
High level of operational reliability
Application - Biogas plants: food scraps, manure, renewables (renewable raw materials) etc.
- Wastewater treatment plants: untreated wastewater, raw sludge, faecal matter etc.
- Sugar industry: beet washing plant etc.
- Food industry: conveyors for cereals, vegetables etc.
- Pulp and paper industry
Properties - Control pressure 6 to 8 bar in cylinder
- Cushioned pneumatic cylinder prevents pressure shock
- Housing material: GG25 with epoxy plastic coating EKB
- Upper construction: stainless steel with epoxy plastic coating EKB
- Plate: stainless steel 1.4404
- Spindle/piston rod: stainless steel 1.4404
- Seal: EPDM
- Temperature range: -20 to +130°C
Technical information - Flanged hole: PN 10/16 - tested according to EN 1092/ISO 7005
- Length: EN 558-1/ISO 5752 Series 20
- Other designs can be supplied upon request

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  Description Brand Unit K (mm) Max. working pressure (BAR) DN (mm) D (mm) Thread Z (mm) BL (mm) G (BSP) Ø (mm) A (mm) H (mm)
Each 210 5 125 250 M16 100 56 1/4 M 16 140 601
Each 295 6 200 340 M20 160 60 1/4 M 20 180 828