573 Original Gasket

Application - Replaces conventional seals, e.g. on water pumps or valve covers
- For machined, torsion-resistant metal flanges
- Ideal for large flange connections or for flanges that can take several hours to assemble
- Particularly suitable for aluminium
Properties - Viscosity: Medium, pasty
- Curing: anaerobic, through sealing off air between close-fitting metal surfaces
- Rigidity: low
- Tensile shear strength: 1.3 N/mm²
- Max. gap: 0.1 mm
- Fixture time on steel: 9 hours
- Fixture time on aluminium: 12 hours
- Oil resistance: excellent
- Resistance to water/glycol: excellent

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  Description Brand Unit Purpose Designed for material Base Content (ml) Final curing time (h) Min working temperature (°C) Max working temperature (°C) Resistance against Colour Content in sale unit (pcs)
Each Metal Acrylic 50 72 -55 150 Gasoline Green 12
Each Metal Acrylic 250 72 -55 150 Gasoline Green 10