Our markets

As a one stop supplier and technical specialist, Kramp is a strategic partner for agricultural, forest & grasscare companies, as well as for the earth-moving sector and in industry. As well as supplying spare parts, we want to make a direct contribution to the performance of your company with our innovative service concepts.


Your customers have ever increasing expectations of your product range, delivery services and the customer service that you provide.As an agricultural machinery firm, you can count on Kramp for the most extensive range of technical spare parts in Europe, an effective logistics network and a professional customer support team.


Forest and Grasscare

Professional customers, such as gardeners and foresters, are constantly making use of your range of services and specialist expertise.
But you are also being approached by an increasing number of individual customers. Our spare parts and other innovative services help you to offer the highest level of service to both target groups.



Billable machine hours are what matter in the earthworks, road construction and hydraulic engineering sectors — stoppages cost money. You do everything you can to minimise downtime, but if you do need spare parts unexpectedly, Kramp will ensure that you receive an optimum service and fast delivery.



Series production or customer specific bespoke solutions? For years, Kramp has been a well known name for the OEM market. In addition to spare parts, we can also share our expertise and specialist knowledge of the development and construction of machines. An experienced team of engineers and assembly operators are on hand to provide you with the assistance you may need.