Company history

We have been providing technology with added value for over 60 years. This overview briefly outlines the milestones in our history.


Selling to farmers

Kramp was founded by Johan Kramp in 1951. The 34 year old entrepreneur from Varsseveld (Netherlands) purchased a stock of spare parts for mowers and literally went round farms selling them on. This was such a success that he soon decided to expand his range.
The fifties

The famous catalogue

In order to simplify the product ordering process for its customers, Kramp introduced its first catalogue in the mid 1950s. Thanks to the detailed product descriptions, technical diagrams and cross-sections, the catalogue was a resounding success and became a source of information for customers.

Kramp and Perdok join forces

In 1955, the company E.J. Perdok en Zoon in Groningen (Netherlands) started selling agricultural parts and tools. Perdok was known for its wide range and for providing a personal service. In 1969, Kramp and Perdok decided to join forces. Together, the companies grew even stronger, and were merged into one business in 2000. Grandson Eddie Perdok is now CEO of Kramp.
1951 - present

Growth and expansion

The level of growth at Kramp is demonstrated by the ongoing building work. The increase in warehouse capacity speaks for itself: In 1952, the company had a capacity of 27m2 and the range was still very limited. By 1978, the space available had increased to 400m2 for 13, 000 items, and we now have over 60, 500m2 and more than 200, 000 items that are immediately available for delivery from stock.

Kramp crosses the border

After the growth in the Netherlands, other countries followed. Soon after Johan Kramp crossed the border on his bike from Varsseveld in the 1970s, he opened the first German branch in Hamminkeln in 1977. Belgium, France and the UK came next. Based on his experience, Kramp employed a strategy of gaining a foothold in a country before crossing the border.

The red container

In 1988, we introduced our typical red containers in order to pack and deliver items even more efficiently. The benefits are clear — orders are better protected, the containers can be stacked more easily in the lorry and far fewer cardboard boxes are required (waste reduction). In short, a positive step with people, the planet and profit in mind.

Overnight deliveries

Perdok laid the foundations for overnight deliveries with its own drivers. In 1991, Kramp officially introduced overnight deliveries. This service was eventually transferred to TNT Innight, which still works in close partnership with Kramp for overnight deliveries to this day.
1998 - present

Innovative services

"Making customers' work easier and contributing to their profitability" — with this thought in mind, Kramp has developed various innovative service concepts.over the decades. These service concepts started in 1998 with the introduction of a distribution system with deliveries five days a week. Attractive business solutions followed, such as two-bin, set deliveries and scan-to-order. Recent examples include our retail programme (2010) and Kramp Mobile for iPad (2011).
2001 - present


The innovative catalogue has always been important to Kramp and its customers. In 2001, Kramp was the first company in the sector to open a webshop, an online version of the catalogue. We continually work on optimising the webshop to make it even easier for our customers to use.

It's that easy

Of course, our founder Johan Kramp did not have a marketing department, but he had the market in his genes, and we still carry this with us. The Kramp logo has changed several times, but it still includes the capital K, as it always has done. In 2008, we added the slogan It's that easy, which shows what we stand for.
2009 - 2012

Excellence in logistics

At the heart of Kramp are fast and efficient logistics, to which we have continued to make improvements over the years. The logistics are still based on our roller conveyors and boxes, but many processes have been made more efficient thanks to automation, such as the introduction of a scanner (2009) and shuttle for midmovers (2012).

A European company

Thanks to its rapid growth, Kramp now operates in 16 European countries. We focus on mutual synergies and draw on all of our strengths. All the international locations join to make one large European company, but without losing their local roots. In each location, we have close relationships with our customers and speak their own language. “Think Global, Act Local” – The Kramp Motto.