Standard PTO half shafts, W 2400 series (exterior)

Specifications - Delivery without yokes.
Benefits - Can be installed without disassembling the fork on request
Application - Mower
- Harvesters
- Soil cultivating machinery
Properties - Lubrication frequency from 50 to 100 hours
- Fulfilling the requirements laid out in EC 89/392 EEC
- Fulfilling the safety standard EN12965
- CE marking available
Consists of - PTO shaft with shielding
- Declaration of conformity
- Instruction manual
  • Walterscheid - Identification guide
  • Walterscheid - Series identification guide
  • Kramp Technical Service

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  Description Brand Unit Protection type Note Size code Outer tube profile type Length (mm) Cross joint bush diameter tractor side (mm) Cross joint length tractor side (mm) Cross joint bush diameter machine side (mm) Cross joint length machine side (mm)
Each SD25 - Delivery without yokes W2400 2a 1115 32 76 32 76
Each SD25 - Delivery without yokes W2400 S5 1115 32 76 32 76