Battery Unit BD AKO

Specifications - Weather-resistant
- Large display on the top of the unit
- Eight individually adjustable output levels for precise adaptation to safety factor and species
Benefits - Minimal power consumption
- Can be used in many areas
- Display is easy to read, even in the dark
- Can be used in many areas
Application - For horses, cattle, and small pets such as dogs, cats and poultry
- Foal setting for BD400 and BD600
Properties - Flashing LED series for colour monitoring of the current position of the fence
- High output voltage at the lowest level
- Automatic mode
- With 12 V deep discharge protection
- The latest micro-controller technology
Consists of - Earthing pin
- Connecting cable
- Battery not included
- 230 V AC adapter may be ordered as an option (371016)

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  Description Brand Unit Max. theoretical wire length (km) Max. voltage (V) (V) Max. output energy (J) Max. fence length without vegetation (km) Max. fence length with some vegetation (km) Max. fence length with high vegetation (km) Charging energy (J) Power consumtion (mA) Voltage at 500 ohm resistance (V)
Each 11 9900 0.3 6 4 1.5 0.38 38 3.300
Each 14 10000 0.4 8 5.5 1.7 0.51 48 4.000
Each 18 10300 0.55 10 7 2 0.7 65 4.300