Oil seals inside Ø 3 7/8" (98,42mm) _

Long description Oil seals inside Ø 3 7/8" (98,42mm)
Application - For sealing rotating machine components
Properties - Rubber outer sheath compensates for expansion and unevenness in the housing bore
- With zinc-plated steel spring
Technical information - CB: rubber sheath, without dust lip
- CC: rubber sheath, with dust lip
- BB: steel sheath, without dust lip
- BC: steel sheath, with dust lip
- DB: steel sheath, with reinforcement, without dust lip
- DC: steel sheath, with reinforcement, with dust lip

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  Description Brand Unit d2 (mm) d1 (mm) Lip material Spring material h (mm) Maximum shaft speed (m/s) Max working temperature (°C) Min working temperature (°C) Type DIN standard Content in sale unit (pcs)
Each 123.82 98.42 Nitrile rubber [NBR] Spring steel 12.7 10 100 -35 CB 3760 1
Each 127 98.42 Nitrile rubber [NBR] Spring steel 12.7 10 100 -35 CB 3760 1