GR30 Rotator 30kN Shaft 49,5mm Hole

Part number GR30
Unit Each
Specifications - Grapple rotator
Benefits - Endless rotation
Application - Adaptable for nearly every type of loading crane
- Commercial vehicles
- Forestry
Properties - Axial load 1 to 16 tonnes
- Cheaper standard rotator
- Vane motor principle
- 2 oil feedthroughs for grabber open/closed
Technical information - GR = Grapple Rotator, only for axial loads
- GR-DB = Grapple Rotator Double Bearing, for both axial and radial loads
Attachment hole 25 x 60 mm
Connection size 3/8 in
Recommended flow rate 20 l/min
Rotator mounting hole 25 x 60 mm
Pressure 250 BAR
Tool mounting roller 49.5 mm, opening 25 mm
Limit of stresst 30 kN
Axial force max. 3,000 kg
Rotation direction arbitrary
Weight 15-18 kg
Flow rate 20 l/min
Oil connection 4 in
Working ports (BSP) G 3/8 in
Axial load dynamic max. 15 kN
Torque Nm 900-1000 N·m
Axial load static max. 30 kN
Working pressure max. 250 BAR
Mounting (Bottom side) ash 49,5mm, hole 25mm
Working pressure max. 25 MPa
  • Kramp Technical Service Engineering
  • Technical Service Hydraulics

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