Easy and quick ordering

Isn't that what we all want? With Kramp's business solutions, you can order as efficiently as possible.

What ordering solutions does Kramp offer?

Kramp offers two different solutions to make ordering as easy as possible. Both solutions involve scanning the products rather than compiling a handwritten list. Products are scanned using a scanner or an iPad. During the scanning process, you can immediately enter the quantity you require, virtually eliminating the risk of errors during the ordering process. 


Using a scanner, you scan the labels of the products in your warehouse or shop.
When scanning an article, you can immediately enter the quantity you require. Once you have scanned all of the articles, you use a computer to upload the data from the scanner to your shopping cart in the Kramp webshop. In the shopping cart, you can check the order, change quantities if necessary and then complete your order in the usual way.


With this solution, the only thing you need is a tablet. You use the tablet to log into the Kramp webshop. Instead of searching for products online, you scan them. This makes it easy to order any item, even those with long article numbers.
You scan the barcodes and the products are automatically added to your shopping cart on the webshop via the Bluetooth link. You enter the quantities you require on the tablet and you immediately receive information on availability and delivery times. You then complete the order in the webshop in the usual way.

Who are these solutions for?

These solutions are designed for anyone who wants to place orders quickly and efficiently. They are also useful for anyone who wants more control over their stock. In addition to scanning orders and uploading them directly to the Kramp webshop, they can also be used for stock management purposes, enabling you to keep track of and manage your stock volumes.

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Interested in the system?

Do you want to make your ordering process faster and more efficient? Please contact your account manager. 

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