Scan-to-order speeds up the ordering process while reducing the risk of errors to an absolute minimum.

A huge number of different products, long item numbers and illegible handwriting — these are just some of the challenges that could lead to errors when ordering nuts, bolts, bearings or hydraulic and pneumatic components, not to mention the fact that ordering C parts like these is a very time consuming process. Using scan-to-order means that you can put your time to better use and concentrate on your core processes.


Frédéric Perrin, Parts Procurement Manager at Sarl Jomard in Civrieux (France).

The agricultural machinery dealership Sarl Jomard owns a John Deere dealership in the south of the Beaujolais region. The company has been using Scan to Order for eighteen months now, and they are completely satisfied with the results. "It saves me time and works perfectly".

"It saves me time and works perfectly"

Several years ago, the company underwent significant modernisation. "We used that opportunity to introduce Scan to Order", explains Parts Procurement Manager Frédéric Perrin. "It saves me time and works perfectly. When we create our list of spare parts, Kramp sends us barcode stickers free of charge. That means we simply need to walk past with a scanner to identify the parts and then place our orders, depending on the sales volumes. As soon as we place the scanner in the dock, the order is sent automatically. It was astonishingly quick to get to grips with the system — the software was uploaded to our computer, and we were up to speed within two to three weeks". Even now, Frédéric still only submits five to ten orders a month, as he combines his customers' orders, reducing the shipping costs for each customer. Frédéric: "No word of a lie — Scan to Order is great".

Accurate and fast ordering

Manually collating and forwarding a huge list of item numbers is very time consuming and errors can easily creep into the process, especially when entering longer item numbers. Orders like this can cost even more time at a later stage, when the errors made during the order process need to be corrected. With scan-to-order from Kramp, ordering is made quicker and easier and the risk of errors is reduced.

How does it work?
You use a Kramp scanner to scan product barcodes in your warehouse or shop, and enter the quantity required after each scan. Once the order has been recorded, you transfer the data from the scanner to your computer — and into your shopping cart in the webshop, where you can complete your order in the usual way. Another great benefit is that the Kramp scanner can also be used during stocktaking.

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The benefits

  • No need to write things down by hand
  • Quick and easy ordering process
  • More time to focus on your core processes
  • No time wasted correcting inaccurate orders
  • Improved stock availability