11600842 Continuous internal cleaning, AR252, hydraulic drive

Part number
  • Cleaning can be carried out entirely on the treatment area (good practice)
  • Full use of spray solution
  • Avoids contaminating surface water through incorrect spray cleaning in the farmyard
  • Enables sprays to be cleaned conveniently, quickly and reliably without the driver having to dismount
  • Easy to retrofit on most tractors
  • Prevents damaging subsequent crops
Extension set for internal cleaning of high-pressure sprayers
Consists of
  • AR 252 diaphragm pump unit with OMP 50 hydraulic drive system, connection fittings for pump (suction and pressure side) and clean water tank
  • 3 rotating, stainless steel tank cleaning heads (1/4 outer thread)
  • Check valve (1/2" inner thread)
  • Connecting and sealing parts incl. hose clamps
  • Installation instructions
  • Not included: suction and pressure hoses for pump and hydraulic hoses to tractor"
Technical information
  • Cleaning process:
  • Empty spray into field
  • Pressure drops, air comes through nozzles
  • Switch on pump with spray pump still running
  • First, spray full-concentration solution into an as yet untreated area of the field (spray window)
  • Once about half the clean water has been used, activate boom sections and the main switch (on/off) and briefly open all other functional lines filled with spray solution (filter flusher, agitator etc.)
  • The cleaning process is complete once the clean water has been used up

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