Hydraulical handling for front-loader accessories

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Long description
Hydraulical handling for front-loader accessories
  • Simple assembly with single-part weld on base plate
  • Maintenance free pivot points thanks to self-lubricating DU bushes
  • High tensile force though ideally designed force progression
  • Compact construction
  • Hydraulic cylinder: bore: Ø 70mm, piston rod: Ø 35mm
  • Cylinder stroke: 300mm
  • Travel: 830mm
  • Tensile force: 2.6 t at 120 bar
  • Compressive force: 2.0 t at 120 bar
Consists of
HP cylinder, HP hoses, base plate, pivot arm, connecting rods, bushes and pins
Technical information
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Ø 70 mm, rod Ø 35mm
  • Stroke: 300mm
  • Lift-way: 830mm
  • Tractive force: 2,6 t by 120 bar
  • Compressive force: 2,0 t by 120 bar