013534GAL B11 electric fence device

Part number 013534GAL
Unit Each
Application - For short electric fences up to 1 km, without vegetation
Properties - Easy to install and connect
- Works with 6 x 1.5 V batteries or with a 12-volt battery
- Adjustable battery-saving options
Consists of - Electric fence device
- Earthing rod
- Connection cable for 12-volt battery
- Batteries not included
- Without battery
Charging energy 0.11 J
Max. fence length without vegetation 1 km
Max. theoretical wire length 1 km
Max. voltage (V) 8200 V
Voltage at 500 ohm resistance 2000 V
Max. output energy 0.09 J
Power consumtion 12 mA
No. of recommended ground rods 1x0,5m

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