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Named after its most successful product, in 1969 the WD-40 Company was born. WD-40 is far more than simply a moisture displacer and the company owes its success to the wide range of their product’s potential applications. Therefore the recipe for WD-40 is top secret and everyone wants to know the ingredients. Only two people in the entire world know exactly what’s in this hugely popular lubricant. The recipe is under lock and key in a safe near the San Diego head office.

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While WD-40 has long been a household name for DIY, the automotive industry and among installers, the product remains relatively unknown in the agricultural world. The Kramp webshop features a range of WD-40 products. In addition to the well-known multi spray, it also sells penetrating spray, contact spray and silicone spray. With this specialist line, WD-40 can create added value in every workshop and shop in the agricultural sector. WD-40 is used for maintenance purposes or to solve problems around 15 million times every day.

WD-40 has developed a well-known product portfolio, including penetrating spray, silicone spray, white lithium spray grease, contact spray and universal cleaning spray, which are all on the market under the name ‘WD-40 specialist’.

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