Kramp Academy

The Kramp Academy helps you develop new knowledge within your company

Keeping the expertise and skills in your company up to date is one way to maintain your lead over the competition.

The Kramp Academy offers a wide range of professional and practical training sessions fully tailored to meet your specific requirements. The sessions are designed to teach skills that can be put to practical use in day to day work

Practical training sessions fully tailored to your needs

At the Kramp Academy, our objective is to share our knowledge with you. By keeping the specialist expertise in your company up to date, you can strengthen your position in relation to your competition. As a strategic partner, we can contribute to your success by providing these training sessions.

The Kramp Academy can provide you with up to date and relevant specialist knowledge in relation to products and technology, and we are constantly adapting our wide range of training sessions to meet the specific requirements and interests of the participants. We pride ourselves on the quality of our training sessions and seminars, so we only work with respected training institutes.

On-site training
We can also provide training sessions and seminars at your company premises, in a familiar environment and with the machines and products that your employees work with on a daily basis. The training sessions are fully tailored to your business requirements and take into account your employees' level of knowledge.

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For over 60 years Kramp has worked with our customers to share the best products, concepts and services. With our new Kramp Academy training programme, we can share our technical and commercial expertise with you as well.

The Kramp Academy is another step forward in our role as your one-stop supplier. Created by dealers for dealers, Kramp Academy offers training across a wide and comprehensive range of subjects, including PTO and hydraulics. Kramp Academy also offers courses designed to optimise your business’s profitability.

Knowledge is the key to success
Kramp Academy offers you and your employees a head start in becoming more competitive by improving your understanding of how technical products work and helping you keep pace with new developments. With the Kramp Academy you can also train new employees quickly and affordably to a high standard, and help employees to continue their professional development. Through Kramp Academy employers and employees can work together to improve skills, knowledge and experience in your dealership, and therefore improve business efficiency and profitability.

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This is Kramp Academy

  • Quality training in a wide range of subjects
  • Develop practical skills which can be used immediately in the workplace
  • The perfect way for employees to continue their personal development

Kramp Academy target groups

  • Service employees
  • Assembly operators
  • Verwaltungsmitarbeiter
  • Administrators and supervisors
  • Warehouse employees

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