Kramp Workshop Solution

Organise your workshop with this modular shelving system.

The optimal shelving system for your workshop

Having a well organised workshop saves time!

We can't buy time, but we can save time! Searching for the right consumables and accessories throughout the day is costing you valuable time - and time is money. Does this sound familiar? Kramp Workshop Solutions can help your whole organisation work more efficiently. Start saving time today together with Kramp! Contact us for more information and prices.

Highly detailed scanable labels / Technical posters

Highly detailed scanable labels / Technical posters

A | Floor modules: stable shelves for stability and storing bulky and heavy items

B | Middle modules: with slightly slanted shelves for easy removal of boxes and a clearly arranged assortment

C  | End modules: cover the shelve as dust protection and to stabilise the shelf tower

D | Version with drawer module: for clear storage of a range of products, small parts or tools

E | Version with straight shelves: for upright storage of various products such as cartridges, spray cans, bottles, etc.

The right shelf for every need: features and characteristics

  • Can be modified to you local needs thanks to a modular design, without extra costs
  • Slanted shelves for quick access and optimum overview
  • Uniform labelling for a long-term organised warehouse and quick reordering via scanner or with the Kramp App Kramp App
  • Find the parts you need in just a few seconds
  • Anti-tilt and shelf connections for more stability and safety
  • All-round service from planning to assembly: our specialists support you in every step

Discover the variety of possibilities

Slanted shelves

• Store small parts in a space-saving way with easy access 

• Quickly find the parts you need thanks to lowered shelves

• Additional orientation aid through uniform labelling 

Flat shelves

• Perfect for cartridges, spray cans, bottles and much more

• Shelves protected by high-quality lacquer for easy cleaning and scratch protection

Drawer module and other versions

• Cable and shrink tubing roll

• Separating and flap discs

• Perforated wall with tool hooks

• Can be modified to your local needs

• Advertising sign on end module

It's that easy: optimising warehousing for small parts

Use our workshop planning service to set up a clearly sorted and optimally stocked workshop shelving system in no time at all.

Just 4 steps to your shelving system

  • 1

    Good planning is everything.

    Get in touch with our consultants now.

  • 2

    Design as you wish.

    Stock your rack(s) with predefined items or adapt to your needs.

  • 3

    Simple and fast communication channels.

    Our specialists will take care of your request and plan the next steps together with you.

  • 4

    Save time and money from now on.

    This is how it works: with the efficient shelving solution for small parts from Kramp. With a scanner or simply via the Kramp App, (re)ordering is easier than ever before.

What are you waiting for?

Use our workshop planning service to set up a clearly sorted and optimally stocked workshop shelving system in no time. Our shelving system offers a flexible solution adapted to your needs, thanks to its modular design. You always have an overview of all items and can conveniently place your orders via a bar-/QR-code scan. We are with you in every step of the way: for over 70 years!

What our customers say

Compact and looking good

The different models offer many options and look modern. We have more parts in a compact space. The perfect service when setting up on location saves us a lot of time and gives peace of mind.
- Jan Willem Woortman, ADW Linde


Our mechanics can work more efficient, as they have all C-parts quickly at hand. Kramp realized it quickly and ready for operation.
- John Walhout, ZTZ Logistics

Better overview

In our brochure you can see a complete module of the shelving system and you will find out how you can organise your workshop.

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