How to choose the right hydraulic cylinder? Follow this step-by-step plan!

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Hydraulic cylinders are used in all kinds of applications, both light and heavy. It is therefore very important to choose the correct cylinders for your hydraulic system. Various standard hydraulic cylinders can be found in our webshop. Is the correct type not listed? Then design them using our online configurator. Read here how it works.

In order to use the online configurator, it is important to log in to the webshop first. There is a link to the "Product Configurator" at the bottom of the Kramp homepage, under “Services” or in the Cylinder and accessories section under Hydraulics then select cylinder configurator.

Step 1: General settings
Enter the number of Flow rate, litres per minute and the working pressure at which the cylinder is controlled. This is not necessary, but it can help you choose the correct size of the cylinder in step 2.

General Characteristics
Choose the correct type of cylinder from the following options:

  • C2S Double acting - standard
  • C2L Double-acting - with position sensor
  • C3S Double acting - heavy duty version
  • P2S Single acting - plunger
  • C2P Single/ double acting - short installation size

Then choose the cylinder attachment, the colour finish and finally the rod type; hard chrome (standard) or nickel chrome (better protection against corrosion). More information about the rod type can be found in the technical document that you can download at the end of the process.

Step 2: Select Next, or click step 2 at the top of the page to Select type
Prerequisites and basic dimensions
Select 'optimise on' with None/No Power or Force/Power.

No force - Choose 'None' when you know exactly what dimensions the cylinder has to meet. Fill in the dimensions of the cylinder yourself.

Force - If you select 'force' then you must fill in the number of litres per minute and the working pressure in step 1, the configurator calculates the minimum required size of the piston rod and bore. The right-hand column will then display the information based on the values previously entered in step 1, such as piston speeds and pressure and tensile forces.

Number of connections
Choose the number of connections on the bottom and rod side. The position of the connections can be configured in 'step 4 Configure connections'.

Valve on cylinder
In this section you indicate if you want to add a valve to the cylinder. There are four options: no valve, a hose rupture protection, a controlled non-return valve or a balancing valve. If you choose a valve, also indicate the position and orientation of the connection.

Step 3: Select Next, or click step 3 at the top of the page to Configure confirmation
In the third step of the configuration process, you choose the correct fastening so that you mount the cylinder correctly in the machine. For 'other options' you determine the fitting size of the cylinder by making the rod extension longer or by fitting a spacer. You will find these buttons for bottom and rod mounting on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: Select Next, or click step 4 at the top of the page to Configure connections
In step four you choose the correct hydraulic connections and the position of the connection in relation to the fixings. Choose from different dimensions in BSP and metric threads.

Step 5: Select Next, or click step 5 at the top of the page for Delivery settings
In this last step of the configuration process, you indicate the desired quantities and delivery time. The correct price is then displayed. Numbers and delivery time affect this price. Please also include a reference, such as your own article or purchase number. This allows you to easily look up the article at a later time.

Step 6: Storage, approval and closure
When you click on 'save', the configured product is saved. You can retrieve the cylinder by searching for the Kramp configuration number or your own article number.

Now it is important to check the cylinder. Download the drawings in four different formats via the red CAD button. If everything is correct, press the 'approve' button and then the 'shopping basket' button. After this, the article can be found in the shopping basket and can be ordered from the Kramp webshop.  

Close the configuration after saving and approval. This can be done by clicking on the white cross at the top of the page (in the red rectangle). This prevents the configuration from being recalculated when restarting and therefore making the configurator slow.


  • If you wish to order the cylinder again, please search for the article using the search function in the configurator. Press the yellow release button and then the black gear at the bottom right of the screen. You can then adjust the quantities and delivery time as desired.
  • Request additional information via the red question marks.
  • Use the 'feedback'-button to share your experience or tips with us, which can be found in step 5 of the configuration process.
  • Warnings are displayed at the bottom of each step. Please pay attention to this before you go to the next step.

Ask an expert
Do you wonder what the correct cylinder is for your hydraulic system or do you need help configuring it? Call an account manager or a Kramp product specialist for reliable advice on everything to do with hydraulic cylinders. We're here to help.

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