How to select the best camera angle?

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It is important to properly adjust a camera on a vehicle, as this will ensure you get the right image. It is also important to ensure the camera is pointing in the right direction, and to select the right camera for the image you want to capture. In this article you can read all about choosing the right camera.

In addition to choosing the correct angle for the camera, it is also important to look at the working conditions and use a camera that best suits a particular situation. After all, a detailed image requires a different viewing angle than a general image. To make it even easier for you, we also explain which special options are available on some cameras.

Which camera has what angle and what does this look like?
Before you buy a camera, it is important to consider what needs to be in the picture. There are cameras with different horizontal viewing angles. So first ask yourself whether you need a detailed image or a wide general view.

Option 1: Camera with a 45° angle
This camera has a 45° angle. The picture below shows what this looks like. A camera with this angle has a relatively narrow and deep image, which is very suitable if you need a detailed image. But because the narrower image is displayed across the full width of the monitor, it will be distorted.

Option 2: Camera with a 70° angle
This camera has a 70° angle. This viewing angle is often used to record activities like mowing or sowing that require a good image across a limited width. 

Option 3: Camera with a 92° angle
This camera with a 92° angle produces a realistic representation of the situation. The image of this camera does not distort reality and is therefore included as standard in most camera sets. 

Option 4: Camera with a 114° angle
This camera has a 114° angle, producing the largest image on the monitor. Below, you can see that the image produced is very wide. Because this width has to be shown on a regular monitor, the image will be distorted.

Image quality
Image quality is another important point to consider when choosing a camera. The difference in image quality is reflected in the number of pixels that a camera can record. In practice, a distinction is made between normal and high image quality, or resolution. The current Kramp range of cameras and monitors (CAS66..) have regular image quality. 

Use in the dark 
If the cameras are also used in the dark, there are two options for image recording.  

  • The most commonly used option is a camera with InfraRed (IR) LEDs. These cameras show images in the dark in black and white. The range is limited to a few metres.  

The other option is the Kramp camera built into an inspection lamp. Because you look in the direction of the light, you avoid glare and you have a good overview.

Further options 
Kramp also offers cameras with specific options. These cameras are described below.

If you are interested or have any questions about mobile or fixed cameras, we will be pleased to help you. For more information, take a look at the camera systems in our online shop.

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