3 reasons why you should want LED lighting on your vehicle

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LED lights are becoming increasingly popular, as are LED work lights. This is because LEDs have many advantages over halogen bulbs. That is why many farmers and contractors replace the halogen bulbs on their tractors or other vehicles with LED. Curious about all the advantages of LED work lights? Read the benefits here.

Advantage 1: LED's provide more light and visibility 
LED's have the advantage that they have a high light output and low power consumption. The light image of a halogen bulb is clearly less than that of a LED. Curious about the difference in light between halogen and LED? In the image below a comparison is made between a halogen work light (right) and a LED work light (left) for the tractor.

Bright and plenty of light
Bright and enough light is important when you are working in the dark. The better the light, the more you can see. You are actually prolonging your working day. But this also means that you have more vision and that you can do your work better and more safely.

So think carefully about what kind of light is needed for your work or for the work of your customer. For more tips you could also read the article: Which work lights do I need to do my job properly? 

Advantage 2: LED lights have more pleasant light
In addition to the fact that LED lighting provides more light, this light is also more pleasant for the eyes. The picture shows the difference in light between LED and halogen. It is the same lamp, but the light from the LED bulb is more pleasant for the eyes, because this light comes closer to the light colour of daylight.

The fact that the light colour of LED lighting is more in line with the light colour of daylight means, among other things, that you are less likely to get tired and can therefore continue working longer. So do you have to work on the tractor in the dark? Then it is desirable to have pleasant light around your vehicle and to be able to continue to work.

Advantage 3: LED is better for the environment
Another advantage is that an LED lasts longer than other types. For example, LED lights will last 30,000 to 50,000 hours, while halogen bulbs will last considerably less. So with LED you can also save on replacement costs.

Less heat development
In addition, the LED also has less heat development and is therefore much more efficient in its use of energy. The LED converts a high percentage of the energy into light and therefore hardly gets warm. This means that little energy is lost to heat. With other types of bulb, the percentage is much lower, which means that more energy is lost to heat in these lamps.

The heat generated in the LED light must be able to dissipate properly in order to ensure good performance. For this reason, most work lights are equipped with a heat-conducting body, such as aluminium or a specially developed plastic material.

Did you know that we had the LED light LA80300 specially made because there was a demand for it in the market? This unit is placed on the cabs of tractors. Before, this work light was only available as a halogen work light.

Converting watts to lumens
When you change the lights, do you encounter the conversion of watts to lumens? In our article: How to convert watts to lumens we’ll help you with this. By looking at the number of lumens, you can compare different types of lighting and therefore also the old halogen lights with the new LED versions.

Do you have any questions about the difference between LED and halogen? Or are you looking for advice on replacing the lighting on your tractor or other vehicle? Please contact your account manager or us at knowledgecenter@kramp.com

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