What to do if your lights or cables are broken? Choose wireless lighting

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On the road with defective lights? You risk a large fine and also points on your licence. Lighting on your tractor and trailer is also an important part of your visibility and road safety. With wireless lighting from Kramp, you can be back on the road safely in just a few simple steps. Find out more about our lighting kits below.   


Wireless lighting  

It can happen to anyone: the front or rear lights on your tractor or trailer stop working. A wireless lighting system is the ideal temporary solution: you can replace the lights in no time and be legal again.   

You plug the 7-pin connector into the tractor socket which uses a Wi-Fi signal to make contact with the lights: no need to mess around with awkward cables.  

The lights are equipped with a strong rubber magnet, so they can be attached directly to the vehicle without damaging its paintwork.   


Rear lights for tractors  

There are three types of wireless lighting sets available with various options. All sets have the following basic functions:  


  • Tail light  
  • Position light  
  • Direction indicator  
  • Brake light  
  • Number plate light  
  • Reflectors  


Type of lights  

The basic version [LA60025 (12V Rear lamps)] is a 12-volt version and has a usage time of 4 hours. After 3 to 4 hours of charging, the lights are ready for the next use. With the lighting set [LA60035 (12V Rear lamps)] an extra option has been added to the lamps: dynamic direction indicator.  


The third variant [LA60040R (12-24V)] is made in a 12-24 volt version. This allows the lights to be used for 8 hours and the battery to be recharged in 2 to 2.5 hours. The dynamic indicator completes the kit and is also suitable for CAN-bus systems. 


Front lights for tractors  

The wireless front light [LA60040FR (12-24V)] is carried out in a 12-24 volt version, which means that the lights can be used for 8 hours. After 2 to 2.5 charge hours the batteries are ready for use again. The lights have the following functions:  


  • Position light   
  • Dynamic direction indicator  
  • Number plate light  
  • Reflector  
  • Suitable for CAN-bus systems  


The rear and front lights can be used simultaneously if the vehicle is equipped with two 7-pin sockets. Each lighting set requires its own individual socket in order to function.   


Do you have a broken bulb or a broken cable? 

And you don't have time to replace the bulb or cable? If so, a wireless lighting set from Kramp is a great solution. It's easy to install, just plug the aerial into the tractor's socket, connect the lights, press the buttons, and off you go! There's nothing to stop you!    

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