Winter workwear for your best performance

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Winter season means working under high conditions- whether it is in the workshop or at your livestock stables. To make sure that you can work at your highest performance despite the low temperatures, we have developed a special clothing solution for you. Are you curious of what we have up our sleeves? Read further… 

Underwear is an important component in a successful and functioning clothing concept. Especially in winter it’s important to make smart choices here. In fact, without the right underwear, the functionality of your top layers will be impacted. Let’s give you some tips and tricks and help you finding the perfect underwear for you:   

Choose the right material 

The more layers the better? Well, no. It rather has more disadvantages than advantages, since it will limit your body movement and will impact the functionality of each layer. Choose a set of underwear, a shirt, trousers and a jacket and you will be good to go. If that isn’t warm enough, better choose a warmer material, rather than layering up, to not end up freezing. Let’s guide you through your choices...  

Synthetic fiber : quick-drying and light 

Functional underwear made of synthetic fibers absorbs sweat quickly, passes it on and thus dries very quickly. Our Kramp thermal underwear collection is made of hydrophilic material with exactly these properties to make sure you stay dry all year round. It is also light, easy to clean and very comfortable to wear in all movements, because of its elastane proportions. If you sweat quickly and heavily, and/or you are sensitive or allergic to natural materials like wool, this underwear would be your first choice.  

Wool: insulation and odourless 

Wool has some advantages that have proven themselves for centuries. Although it has taken a back seat in the meantime due to new synthetic fibres, fine merino wool is celebrating a grand comeback. Our Woolen underwear has great advantages over synthetic underwear fibres such as the ability of wool to absorb moisture inside the fibre, while the surface repels water, so the wool doesn’t feel damp. It furthermore insulates excellently, since wool consists of 85% air and warms in a very pleasant way. Furthermore, it doesn’t become statically charged since it is a natural material.  

A very special property is the anti-odour property of wool. By nature, wool has a self-cleaning function. The reason for this lies in the structure of the wool fibre: the surface is reminiscent of roof tiles (in comparison: synthetic fibres are smooth), making it difficult for bacteria to take hold. That way, odours are eliminated exposed to the air and even after long workdays, smells neutral again. This is a great advantage, especially If you wear the material for a long time or very often. Just make sure to air your woolen underwear after wearing.

The basic rule is 

Choose synthetic underwear if you… 

  • Sweat a lot 
  • Allergic or sensitive to wool 
  • Work indoors 

Choose woolen underwear if you… 

  • Work outdoors in winter 
  • Want to wear the same set every day 
  • Have long workdays 

Tip: If you are allergic to wool but you feel the synthetic underwear doesn't provide you enough warmth, choose our microfleece shirt and trousers instead. The set is suitable to be worn directly on the skin.  

In the end it comes down to personal preference. If you choose functional underwear it will improve your work experience a lot, so feel free to give it a try. You will feel more comfortable, stay fresh and fit for longer. And that really is the best basis for a successful day at your work! 

If you have any questions, please contact your Kramp representative or product specialist. Or find a dealer in your area.  

Any other questions, please contact us at We are happy to help! 

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