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  • Kramp shares specialist PTO safety knowledge at NFU Safety Events

Kramp shares specialist PTO safety knowledge at NFU Safety Events

Kramp shares specialist PTO safety knowledge at NFU Safety Events

It is common knowledge that farming is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK, and sadly farmers are at risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries every day.

Working with animals, dangerous machinery and moving vehicles is essential in the farming world but is also the largest cause of fatalities.

Throughout July, the NFU organised six Health and Safety events across the East of England. Some of the topics covered throughout the day included working safely under powerlines, vehicle and driver regulations, safe stacking, and identifying risks around the farm.

With over 700 farmers in attendance across the 6 days, it is apparent that farmers and agricultural workers believe in the importance of safety on the farm. At Kramp, we are huge advocates of a safety first culture and we were proud to be there promoting PTO safety.

Our super knowledgeable OEM Specialist, Adam Hubbard, delivered a series of PTO safety and maintenance workshops as part of the NFU events. The aim was to make sure farmers are refreshed on important health and safety skills ahead of harvest.

Did you know that a PTO shaft can:

- wrap 424 feet of shoelace in one minute

- wrap your arm or leg around the PTO shaft 9 times in 1 second.

PTO (power take off) injuries are sadly very common on farms. Most accidents happen when clothing or limbs are entangled in the PTO when it is rotating. It is therefore vital to make sure that PTO shafts are fitted with proper guards and that they are correctly used and maintained.

Adam’s detailed presentation covered not just PTO health and safety, but also PTO maintenance. We feel it is important to share the vast knowledge our specialists hold in the hopes that it can help prevent future fatalities and promote safer working practices.

The feedback from those that attended was that the workshop was really appreciated and they felt that Adam was not only extremely knowledgeable but also very engaging. We are proud to have specialists like Adam on board and it is clear that they are valued by our customers. This 30 minute workshop was just a small taster of the full PTO Kramp Academy course which our product specialists deliver across the UK.

At Kramp we believe that knowledge is the key to success, which is the reason our Kramp Academy Programme was developed. We offer a number of full day courses in our Kramp Academy, covering topics such as Hydraulics, PTO and business courses such as Excel.

One of the courses we offer is a one day course on identification techniques for PTO shaft types and components. The course covers all aspects of PTO shafts and spares plus how to identify PTO shaft manufacturer and series from measurements or part numbers.

This course is perfect for store staff that require training on PTO identification and maintenance. As well as those who have trained on PTO before but require a refresher course.

Course Content includes:

- A solid understanding of Power Take Off

- A sold understanding of shaft and spline types

- An introduction to parts identification

- An understanding of HP ratings and manufacturers

- How to identify PTO shaft manufacturers and series

- Identifying different clutches

- Identifying profile tube, cross journals, bearing rings and yoke types

- An understanding of PTO protection

- A practical knowledge of PTO shafts

- A guide to PTO health and safety.

With the Kramp Academy you can train new employees quickly and affordably to a high standard, and help existing employees to continue their professional development.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our training sessions and seminars and can provide you with up to date, relevant specialist knowledge in relation to products and technology. We are constantly adapting our wide range of training sessions to meet the specific requirements and interests of the participants.

At the Kramp Academy, our objective is to share our knowledge with you.

If you’d like to know more about the Kramp Academy courses that we offer, visit www.kramp.com/shop-gb/en/l/kramp-academy-uk or contact krampacademy.uk@kramp.com