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Kramp UK Has A New Distribution Center

Monday, July 13, 2020
Kramp UK Has A New Distribution Center

We have made a huge investment in a brand new distribution centre, relocating just around the corner within the same town of Biggleswade.

Monday 13th July was a momentous day for us. After remaining in the current location for the last 24 years, Kramp employees moved to the new offices and are now operating solely from the new building. Logistics staff have also started to transition to the new warehouse and are in the process of moving the stock to the new building.

During this transition, the new warehouse will be operational, but the existing warehouse will continue to fulfil to customers as part of Kramp’s normal service, making sure there are no interruptions to customer orders.

The new, much larger warehouse includes upgraded technology allowing us to stock many more products, and increase the stockholding of the fastest moving lines. This will ensure an improved service and faster delivery to customers in the agricultural, forest and grass care, OEM and construction markets.

Our sales director Des Boyd, says: “We have built a completely automated conveyor system that stems over 3 floors to improve the quality and efficiency of the warehouse. This now means that items coming in will be handled a lot quicker with an easier flow to get the items on stock. For orders, the conveyor system features new Kramp boxes, automatic weighing scales, quality handling stations, automatic packing and box sealing machines. This gives us less wastage, less recycling and improving the efficiency and overall quality”. 

The move has been quite a large undertaking. The management teams and colleagues have worked hard before and during Covid-19 lockdown to keep to schedule as much as possible, responsibly, with only a three week delay. All companies involved worked hard to make sure the transition went smoothly during this period so that business could carry on as normal.

Kramp Groep’s long-term vision is to fully support the growing UK and Irish markets. The new site also allows room for further future expansion.