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  • FOOD FROM THE FARM Cookbook featuring Tom Pemberton

FOOD FROM THE FARM Cookbook featuring Tom Pemberton

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
FOOD FROM THE FARM Cookbook featuring Tom Pemberton

Top UK farming influencer Tom Pemberton is known to his millions of viewers as a dairy farmer with lots of bright ideas and a helping hand from his father “the ginger fella”, Andrew Pemberton. 

As part of his collaboration with Kramp he shared a Pemberton family favourite recipe through  ‘Food From The Farm’, a cookbook containing recipes from Kramp customers that have been handed down through generations of farming community families.  

Tom’s recipe for Apple Dessert Cake can be found in the free to download cookbook, here as well as lots of content surrounding the collaborations here

Tell us about your farm

“Our farm is 250 acres based in Lytham St Annes, in the north west of England, and has been in the family since the 1950s.

My grandad and his brother, my great uncle Tom, bought the farm off the estate when his father dies, when they were 18 and 15. They had six cows, which thy sold to buy six Ayrshire cows. The story is that Great-uncle Tom used to say “I’ll be a wealthy man with six cows”. At the moment we have 350 heads of stock, and we are not that wealthy!

I’m the fifth generation of Pemberton farmers. We have cows and sheep and produce milk, cream, butter, our own meat, honey from our own bees and more. It’s a real family affair, most of the family contributes to the running of the farm or the farm shop in one way or another and I want to keep it in the family and keep it moving on for generations to come!”

Is the recipe typical of your region?

“My dad’s mum, Grandma Pem, came up with this recipe and we used to have plenty of cooking apples from a tree my dad planted for my mum at our old house. We’d have so many apples, we’d be eating apple cake, apple pie, apple crumble – everything apple based. We’d usually have this after a big Sunday dinner, as a treat. We don’t have an apple tree on the land at the moment, so we source our ingredients locally, using our own butter of course. I must remember to plant a new apple tree.”

Generations of local food 

Des Boyd, Kramp’s UK Commercial Director, says “As Europe's largest agricultural spare parts and accessories specialist, we are marking our 70 year anniversary by curating a cookbook featuring over 50 farm-recipes, including regional delicacies and family inventions, all using locally produced ingredients.” 

Whilst the cookbook is a collection of recipes handed down by members of the agricultural community; the book also delves deeper into the origin of farming in Europe and finds that much of the food produced by the contributors has a much longer history. 

Thanks to bioarchaeological research from the University of York, we understand that dairy farming in Northern England where the Pemberton Farm is located, is actually thousands of years old. Although Tom is the latest generation producing milk on his land; it’s possible that he is amongst the 200th generation of dairy farmers in North-west England. 

Stay as close as possible to the food 

Eddie Perdok, Kramp CEO said: “We begin the book by repeating the words of Kramp’s founder, Johan Kramp. He said: ‘Stay as close as possible to the food, because that’s the last thing anyone gives up’. And that’s as true today today as it was in 1951 when he founded the company. Food is what connects us, food is a way to show and take pride in where you come from. Food is why we do what we do at Kramp. 

 “This is not a cookbook in the traditional sense, it’s a collection of dishes that tell the story of how food is a powerful unifying force and a way of showing our love to people. We couldn’t include all the details we heard from our participants but a recurrent theme was how the pandemic had interrupted these amazing rituals that went back generations, centred around gathering, preparing and eating food grown on family farms or land.  

“I joined Kramp in 1988 when I was 25 years old and I was very ambitious to step into the family company, because I really wanted to become an entrepreneur. We grew from a one man company in the Netherlands to the market leader in the European Agri industry. The last 70 years we have always been ambitious. Ambitious to grow and to become better every day, and will definitely stay ambitious, innovative and entrepreneurial during the next 70 years. 

“In this milestone year, we felt it fitting to celebrate the proud heritage and resilience of the farming communities that we serve, and the essential work they do. 70 years of continued success is an achievement to be proud of but we couldn’t have done it without the support and loyalty of our staff, customers and partners. We hope everyone enjoys this collection and shares more of their own ‘Food From The Farm’ recipes and memories with us on social media.”