Added value for people, planet and profit

Empowering you to move forward

Our vision is to be the essential partner in parts and services in the agricultural, construction and forest & grass care​ industries in Europe for a futureproof and responsible supply chain

Right from the start, Johan Kramp gave containers from suppliers a second life and re-used them to dispatch goods to customers. Our red return crates have since replaced this approach in various countries, but the principle remains the same. Despite our growth, we have managed to keep our spirit to think of solutions that develop the industries we are in. We can proudly say that responsible business and caring for our communities are two topics deeply rooted in our history.  

To achieve a futureproof supply chain, we are continuously working on three CSR topics

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Collaborating for joint impact with our partners. ​​​​​​​Value Proposition 

By making the right choices in how, where and with who we do business, we can ensure that products and services are sold and used in a responsible manner. ​

Goals 2023 

• Review our supplier code of conduct​
• Map suppliers to get insights into potential risks to people and environment. ​
• Include 'Planet' in our category plans and develop a sustainable assortment

C02 reduction

C02 reduction

Include climate impact in our decision-making process.

We do not only want to empower our partners to make the transition to a sustainable future, but we also have to make our own transition to become more resource efficient. ​​

Goals 2023 

• Measure our current carbon footprint enabling us to start working on them​
• Decrease our CO2 footprint ​

Employee and Society

Employee and Society

Empowering our people and community to contribute to a better future.

Kramp seeks to empower you to move forward. We want to enable people to grow in their own way, feel free to be who they are and feel good about it.  ​

Our Goals for 2023 

• Have a safe and healthy workplace with 0 accidents. ​
• Develop a vision on Health & Wellbeing
• ​Develop a vision on Diversity & inclusion​​

Local initiatives

Green Dot

Recycling is very important to us. That is why all Kramp and Gopart packaging features the Green Dot logo. This logo indicates that the product manufacturer is making a financial contribution to the separating, sorting and recycling of packaging.

Kramp red return boxes

Since 1988, we have been using our famous red return crates in many European countries. The biggest benefits are that the customer has no waste and the crates are reusable and also stackable, meaning trucks can be fully loaded. As a result, we transport less air and use the fuel required for transportation more efficiently.


Kramp supports charitable causes in several countries. We want to give something back. In the UK, for example, we sponsor the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute. This organisation supports farmers who are suffering financial hardship due to loss of income. The Kramp Run event in The Netherlands supports the Kanjers voor Kanjers foundation, which supports local child welfare projects, primarily through sports and games.

Sustainable packing and sealing

We use 100% recycled paper to pack our deliveries. We then seal our pallets with thinner film by using a machine to stretch the film. This reduces waste. We've replaced plastic bags by sustainable paper bags.