Ordering parts via EDI

Order from Kramp using just one system? That's right! Our EDI service connects your business software with Kramp's system, so that you only need to enter data in one system. 

The processing and transmission of purchase orders is usually a time-consuming task that goes hand in hand with an unavoidable risk of errors. But this no longer needs to be the case: Now, as soon as a purchase order is complete in your system, you can send it to Kramp via the EDI connection with a click of a button. 

Place an order with just one button

Kramp's EDI service is particularly useful for ordering C-parts, such as mounting materials or components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The process of compiling an order, passing it to the supplier and recording it in the company's system can take a great deal of time. This is particularly true of C-parts orders, which involve many different article numbers and low-value parts, resulting in a time-consuming and costly ordering process. The situation is even worse if purchase orders need to be entered twice. With EDI, double recording is a thing of the past.

Your software package
An EDI connection is the result of a partnership between your software supplier, Kramp and you. Once all of these parties reach a mutual agreement on the technical details, you can order quickly and easily via EDI. We have already established well-functioning connections with many software packages, including Bever, Didata, Ridder, Syntess, Agro-IT and many customer-specific systems. 


Interested in EDI?

Contact one of our specialists. 

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