Easy ordering with set deliveries

Instead of searching for the correct parts, your assembly operators can make more effective use of their time

Save time and money with the pre-packaged spare parts sets

With set deliveries, Kramp provides you with the ideal solution — pre-packaged customer specific parts sets available on demand, delivered in assembly sequence or even pre-assembled on request. Kramp. It's that easy.

Set deliveries from Kramp make it really easy to provide parts for your production department, allowing you to save time and money. We work with you to create assembly sets for your assembly operators or parts sets for you to deliver along with your final products. We deliver these pre-packaged sets either at the correct point in the assembly procedure or as pre-assembled units. 

The parts list for your machine or repair order can include a range of different spare parts, and storing, ordering, accepting and checking these parts to ensure that they are available when required can take up a lot of valuable time. The parts then need to be stored in your warehouse and sent to the production department. Set deliveries from Kramp simplify this process, saving you time in the purchase and storage of spare parts. What's more, each set has just one item number.

Optimum availability
If the right parts are not available when you need them, valuable time is wasted. Your assembly operators have to search for the correct items, and are not able to use their time effectively for production and assembly work. Set deliveries from Kramp help ensure that the right parts are available when you need them.

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