Labelling & Scanning

Optimize your ordering process with KRAMP Labelling & Scanning.

A time-saver solution

As a dealer, errors in your ordering process can be a struggle. Kramp labelling and scanning solutions simplify the work, minimize errors and speed up the ordering process in an easy way. Your ordering process becomes a real time saver.

Seamless ordering process

Optimize your ordering process with our labelling and scanning solution. The solution allows you to organize your stock inventory and place your order seamlessly.

Kramp professional label management will help you to uniquely identify each product and (even) locate your inventory. Further, our scanning solution minimizes your working time by eliminating manual handwritten listing and the risk of errors during the ordering process.

Seamless ordering process


Directly order your stock from your scanner!

Using a scanner, scan the products labels and directly enter the quantity you require. Once completed, upload the data from the scanner to your shopping cart in the Kramp web shop. You can check the order in your shopping cart, change quantities if necessary and complete your order in the usual way.

Kramp app

Download the Kramp app with your Android or Apple device in the app store. Scan your products, click on your desired product and order in your browser.

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How does it work?

  • 1

    Set up

    Set up the labelling system in your warehouse/shop

  • 2


    Scan the barcodes of the labels on the bins in your warehouse or the barcode on your products.

  • 3

    Scan to order

    Start ordering digital by scanning your products.

  • 4

    Order your product

    Order your products via our web shop or your software system.

Technical Posters - download for free!

Technical Posters - download for free!

Easily find your technical hydraulic parts or DIN product with the support of our technical posters. The posters show a colour legend which can be used in combination with our labels with colour codes & product images on the bin labels. Furthermore, you can use the QR codes and the Kramp to quickly navigate to the part you are looking for in the Kramp app. Navigating a complicated technical part becomes an easy job!

Download poster 1

Download poster 2

Download poster 3

Download poster 4

Download poster 5

What they say

It's Easy!

The changes were easier than we thought. Our employees find it really simple to use.
- Han Niens, Niens Vlisteren

We save a lot of time

Easy, cheap and quick. We save a lot of time compared to how we used to process manual order lines.
- Henk Smolenaars, Herpertz

Labelling manual

pdfLabelling Manual_EN.pdf

I am interested in labelling & scanning solution

Great! Order your Starter Kit now and be prepared for a hassle-free ordering process!

With a small investment of EUR 159, you will get a scanner and a complimentary label package in your kit. Click the button below for more information!

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I have my label management system and want to start with a scanning solution

Order your CS3000 scanner in the web shop! Or click below button to let one of our specialist contact you.