Help to choose the right fire extinguisher

Kenneth Rahbek, product specialist in Denmark|4 minutes to read

In this article we provide you with various tools to help you choose the right extinguisher and how many you should place on your machine. 

1. Get to know the different types of fire extinguishers

There are different sizes and types of fire extinguishers. They are adapted to different situations and environments, depending on the type of fire which is likely to occur or the type of farm in which it may be used. You can see the benefits of each type below.

2. What type of fires can each fire class extinguish?

All extinguishers are approved for one or more fire classes according to the extinguisher's application. The fire class indicates the type of fires you can extinguish. Please pay attention.

3. Recommendation on the number of fire extinguishers

We recommend that you have at least the following number of fire extinguishers on your machines.

In doubt?
Please contact our product specialist who can help and guide you to the right fire extinguishers for your machine. Or email us at

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Kenneth Rahbek, product specialist in Denmark

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Kenneth Rahbek, product specialist in