How to Find the Right Filter for your Machine?

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Sourcing the right replacement parts can feel daunting. Even something that sounds as simple as a filter. Fortunately, the Kramp web shop is designed to make it easy to find the right filter for your machine.    

Finding a High-quality Filter  

In this article, we’ll show you how to find the right filter quickly. Before that, it’s worth knowing a little more about the importance of choosing the right filter. We’ve teamed up with Donaldson, a global filtration manufacturer with over 105 years of experience in filtration and well-established partnerships with global OEMs, to share their expertise on filters in a series of articles.  

Every powered machine features a number of filters - air, coolant, oil, fuel, hydraulic – all designed to protect your machine from particles that could cause serious and lasting damage. But not all filters are created equal - even filters designed to do the same job in the same part of the same specific machine.    

The understandable temptation when ordering a new filter – or any replacement parts for a machine – is to make a decision based on price. All too often, this is a false economy. The short-term saving of buying a cheap filter gives way to higher medium- and long-term costs such as increased machine downtime, more frequent replacement and repair, and increased incidence of internal system damage caused by ineffective filtration. All this means a greater chance that your tractor, or harvester will be put out of action unexpectedly and will take longer and cost more to repair. Even the best-case scenario when buying cheap filters may put the machine at risk of operating less efficiently, with reduced productivity, and with more fuel consumption and costs.  

Donaldson Filters are the Best Choice!  

Donaldson is known as a technology-driven innovator in high-quality and high-performing filtration solutions. To give an example of the difference that higher quality can make for the machine owner and operator, Donaldson Blue lube filters remove more than 90% of contaminants smaller than 10 microns in size, whereas typical cellulose filters will trap 50% or less at that size. Similarly, under heavy vibration testing – typical of agricultural use – fuel passing through Donaldson Blue filters comes out four times cleaner than other filters. That means a much longer lifespan before contaminants risk damaging the fuel injectors.   

It clearly pays to think long-term.   


How do I Find the Right Filter on the Kramp Web Shop?

On the Kramp web shop, you’ll find there are two ways to find the best filter for the job at hand. The good news is that neither of them involves worrying about taking measurements. Our search functionality makes it much simpler than that.

1. Find the part number of the existing filter
It’s a good idea to keep records of part numbers with your purchase paperwork, for future purchases, but it can usually be found printed on the filter itself. Once you have it, simply type it into the search bar at the top of the web shop. The results will include all filters suited to that particular task, in that particular machine. 

Search bar OE number

2. Searching by the tractor or vehicle type  
You can do this by heading straight to the Tractor & Vehicle tab at the top of the Kramp page. Once in the Kramp web shop, go to the Tractor & Vehicle tab, and follow this route through the drop-down menu:   

Tractor & vehicle > Tractor parts / Show all > Select tractor model (e.g., Fendt) > Select series > Select type > Select Filtration   

Or you could go directly for Donaldson filters only by following this route through the drop-down menu:   

Tractor & Vehicle > Vehicle parts > Filters > Search by make > Donaldson   

Once you’ve brought up your list of compatible filters, it’s just a matter of evaluating the cost against the reputation of the manufacturer. Whichever filter you choose, you can be sure it will fit your machine. How long it lasts and how well it performs may, however, vary according to the filter’s design and construction.   

Remember, if you’re still unsure at any point, or would like expert advice on choosing the ideal filter not just for your machine but for your working environment, get in touch with your nearest Kramp representative or dealer. We’re always happy to make your life easier.   

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