3 reasons why work gloves are important

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An occupational accident regularly results in serious hand injuries. Sharp tool parts cause cuts and abrasions and chemicals regularly cause burns. Entrapment between a machine and another object can lead to even more serious injuries. Therefore, make sure you work safely to prevent injuries to your hands. Read here 3 reasons why work gloves are so important.

Reason 1: Don't get any cuts 
Do you work with metal, glass or other sharp materials? Cut-resistant work gloves are available for jobs where there is a high risk of cuts. They protect against sharp parts of the tools you work with or against the sharp edges of objects used within the glass, metal and steel industry. These work gloves can be divided into standard, medium or high cut resistance. In other words: class A to class F. 

Tip: stay up-to-date. Do you work with outdated gloves or have you been buying the same type for years? Then we advise you should upgrade. Developments in the field of work gloves are going fast, so a better or stronger pair is easily found in our web shop

Reason 2: Protect yourself against chemicals 
Do you work with chemicals? Then it is important that you adhere to the laws and regulations. It is of course mandatory to wear work gloves. The right chemical resistant gloves prevent painful burns when working with chemicals. When choosing the right work glove, take into account the level of penetration of harmful substances through the glove. Gloves made of PVC or nitrile even contain strong organic solvents. 

Reason 3: Working at any temperature 
Do you work with very high or very low temperatures? Or do you work outside a lot, where you have to deal with cold, rain and other weather influences? Special heat resistant work gloves ensure that work can be done in extreme temperatures, protecting hands from radiant heat or contact heat. In addition, there are also work gloves that can withstand the cold. These gloves have good thermal layers and therefore protect against the risks of cold temperatures.   


Do you work in the agricultural sector or manufacturing industry? Then work gloves, specially designed for your work, are a must. In addition to preventing serious injury, they can also simplify your work. 

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