Which items should not be missing in and on your vehicle?

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On the road you see many cars with special rims, large spoilers and striking bumpers, also tractors and agricultural machines are easy to modify. Gadgets that improve the appearance of your tractor, but also provide extra safety and comfort during work. What are the possibilities? We have listed a top 7 for you!

1. The safety bumper
The safety bumper protects the front of your tractor, including the front wheels. It is a safe, variable front weight from 350 to 2000 kg for agricultural tractors. The safety bumpers are equipped with LED lights, reflectors and bumper poles. In addition to protecting the vehicle, an Agribumper provides extra visibility and therefore safety in traffic. These bumpers therefore promote road safety when tractors are used in busy traffic.

2. Special work lights
Good work lighting is crucial for the safe and correct execution of work in the field. LED work lights for tractors and other agricultural vehicles can be found, in addition to safety bumpers, on our web shop. In addition to safety benefits, these work light bars ensure a tough appearance of your vehicle. Make sure you also have a good beacon. These days, beacons with LED technology are much cheaper and last much longer than beacons with halogen lighting technology. There is a choice of rotating or flashing light signal and some beacons offer both possibilities.

3. Kramp light tester
A malfunction in your vehicle light or loose wiring of your trailer? With a lighting tester you can test all lighting functions of your vehicle. Easily from your driver's seat, thanks to a cable with a length of 3.5 metres. Most testers have a connection for both a 7- and a 13-pole plug. This handy gadget should not be missing in your tractor! Take a look at the Kramp light testers on our web shop.

4. Air horns of Hadley, Hella or other brands
Many young professionals in the field install air horns on their tractor: a cool gadget. In addition, air horns increase safety in the workplace. The air horns are very suitable as a warning sound in the event of an unsafe situation in traffic or on the work site, but they are also used as a means of communication in earthmoving, for example as a signal that the tipper is fully loaded by an excavator.

5. Fire extinguishers
Not a gadget, but a necessity to always have it installed in your tractor cab. Different sizes are available, so there is a suitable fire extinguisher for any cab size. View Kramp's fire extinguishers here.

6. Stand out in the dark with: magnetic lights
Do you come to a standstill or are you unlucky? The six magnetic lights, also known as warning flashes, and a rechargeable warning light are a real godsend in such a situation. If you come to a standstill along the road, simply click these magnetic lights on your tractor or lay them on the ground. They don't break when a car drives over them. Because of the light you are safe along the road and they also work as an emergency signal. They are delivered in a handy charger case. Make sure you always have the set in the cab of your tractor. Download the brochure about (LED) lighting and learn more about our lighting.

Another must-have is the wireless trailer lighting, such as LA60025 and LA60035. Ideal if the lighting of your trailer doesn't work, or if a cable breaks. Then this magnetic lighting is the perfect temporary solution.

7. An emergency in the dark: always provide a torch
In addition to a fire extinguisher, a torch is also a fixed component in your cab. A must for every situation in the dark. A flat tyre can for example always happen, which is why a torch is indispensable when you are on the road a lot. But also when you carry out repairs in the dark. We have a diverse range of torches. From small to large, with battery or rechargeable. View the range of torches here. Do you already know the inspection light LED or the rechargeable LED work light? These are ideal if, for example, you need to carry out repairs in the dark.

Would you like to know more about the various items that should not be missing in your vehicle? Then keep an eye on the Kramp Knowledge Centre, contact our product specialists or contact us at knowledgecenter@kramp.com.

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