Why a trampoline can't be missing from your garden

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When the sun is shining it is great weather for children to play outside. Don't you have time to go out? Then you still have many opportunities to entertain your little one(s) in the garden as long as you have the right outdoor toys. In an earlier article we talked about the '5 reasons why a ride-on tractor is always the perfect present'. In this article we explain why a trampoline should not be missing from your garden.

The popularity of trampoline jumping is increasing. Not only for children it is fun to jump, also adults get energy from it. We have listed the most important health benefits.

  • You train every muscle group;
  • You improve your condition;
  • Your body becomes more flexible;
  • You get more energy.

You train every muscle group
Not only your leg muscles, but also your arm, belly and back muscles are trained while jumping. In short, this means a workout for your whole body. You'll notice that after trampolining you'll feel muscles that you didn't even know existed. More and more group lessons are organized for children and adults, because it is so effective. 

You improve your condition
In addition to training each muscle group, you also make sure that your condition and that of your child(ren) improves. You will notice that after a frequent trampoline jumping, your condition will improve. What can be a nice side-effect for adults is that with half an hour of running, depending on your weight, you will burn about 180 calories. While when you’re trampolining for half an hour, depending on your weight, you will burn about 200 calories.

Your body becomes more flexible
Because your muscles become long and slim during jumping, this automatically ensures that you gradually become more flexible. Jumping also helps with muscle pain.

You get more energy
As an adult you get more energy from trampolining. For children this works differently. They already have a lot of energy, so they can use it. 

Which trampoline do you choose then?

After reading these benefits we can imagine that you want to look at which trampoline is suitable for you and possibly for your family. First check whether you want to go for an inground trampoline, also known as a buried or ground level trampoline, or for a trampoline on legs. Also take the following two points into account. 

Placement of the trampoline
Think about where you want to put the trampoline. This depends on whether you want to use the trampoline all year round or store it after use. It also affects the appearance of your garden. Do you want the trampoline to be a part of your garden? Then take an inground trampoline. If not, you go for a trampoline and legs.

Starting or experienced
An inground trampoline has a small step up of about 20 centimetres and a ground level trampoline has no step. Both are ideal for children who are jumping for the first time. Do you opt for a trampoline on legs? Then keep in mind that it generally has a high carrying capacity which allows children to jump higher. Therefore a safety net is required, also for the buried or ground level trampoline you can buy a safety net to make jumping even safer. Various protective edges can also provide additional safety. 

Below is an overview of trampolines that you can find in our webshop.

Inground trampoline

Trampoline on legs

EXIT Silhouette ground

EXIT Silhouette

EXIT InTerra, EXIT Supreme

EXIT Elegant, EXIT PeakPro

Finally, you also have trampolines on which both beginners and experienced can jump, so you don't have to buy two trampolines; EXIT InTerra buried trampoline and EXIT Elegant, round trampoline on legs. The trampolines on legs have a high step, but are easy to use in combination with steps.

Do you still have questions about which trampoline suits you and your family best? Please contact our product specialist shop and workshop or contact us at knowledgecenter@kramp.com.

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