Scan the shipping label and find your products.

Use the Box Scan in the Kramp App.

Work smarter with the Kramp App.

Work more efficiently using the Kramp App. By simply scanning the shipping label on a box, you can automatically see the complete package contents – no need to even open it. Get an instant overview of your order history on your mobile phone. Ordering has never been so easy — the app is able to identify parts and offer you alternatives. The Kramp App is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Innovation makes it easy.

The Kramp App puts new technology at your fingertips. Search results have been improved and are more relevant than ever. Product recognition (beta) is constantly improving thanks to the use of the latest technology and machine learning knowledge, as well as regular updates.

Coming soon:

  • Improved product recognition
  • View pricing and stock information *
  • Order products directly from the app*
  • View your incoming deliveries*

* For logged-in users

Evolution in your hands, literally

Practical, useful, innovative: The Kramp app

User reviews.

It saves a great deal of time.

"It saves a great deal of time by making everyday tasks such as finding and selecting, ordering and tracking parts simpler and more convenient. It also helps to speed up the order process."

It makes time-consuming searches an easy job.

"Awesome app! If a search returns a lot of results, this app makes the time-consuming task of searching through these results an easy job. It's so straightforward!"

A big bonus for both dealers and farmers.

“Wow! Great app! Recognizes products from a picture (Kramp in cooperation with Google Cloud). Hugely beneficial for both Kramp dealers and farmer.”

Scanning parts.

Simply scan the barcode or take a photograph of a component and the Kramp App will find the corresponding category. You will also have direct access to information, options, and alternatives.  

All Kramp (128) codes and almost all EAN codes can be scanned. If the app is unable to recognise a code, this is reported directly to Kramp so that the feature can be optimised.

Product recognition (beta) makes searching for parts even faster. This feature works best when the product is placed on an even, uncluttered surface. The Kramp App learns from every photo that is submitted and will therefore become more accurate as time goes on.

Useful functions and information.

Finding parts

Search for products quickly and easily in the Kramp App using keywords and categories. The app will work with you by offering suggestions based on your search behaviour. Smart filters allow you to refine the results even further.

Information and more

The Kramp App displays all of the necessary information for products, plus much more. This includes technical information, accessories and a comprehensive gallery of images.

We work for you and with you

The Kramp App is the next step in our mission to increase user-friendliness and efficiency and has been developed in collaboration with customers from around Europe. Your suggestions help us to continuously improve the Kramp App — simply tap the feedback button in the app to share your ideas with us.

Log in using your Kramp account to access a number of additional functions. The entire assortment is at your fingertips with a direct link to the webshop where you will be logged in and can order directly. Quickly trace incoming goods by scanning the shipping label. And view your personal order history for the past 60 days, as well as all of your current orders.

And there's more...

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