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  • Danfoss Power Solutions redefines motor performance with Orbital X

Danfoss Power Solutions redefines motor performance with Orbital X

Monday, April 16, 2018
Danfoss Power Solutions redefines motor performance with Orbital X

This upgraded portfolio of OMP/OMR motors is ideal for agricultural, forestry and lawn & garden applications.

Requirements in agribusiness are increasing and demands are getting tougher. That is why Danfoss has developed Orbital X, the new standard in orbital motors. The new Orbital X ensure high flexibility in many applications. During the whole product lifetime Orbital X provides high overall efficiency under extreme operating conditions. And did we mention that this upgrade from previous motor versions comes with no added costs?

Higher performance, durability & protection
Because of the higher torque Orbital X offers higher performance and reliability. It also reduces the fuel consumption, emissions and total cost of ownership at the same time. The improved shaft seal doubles the lifetime (rated at 225 bar). Besides that it has a much higher tolerance for high radial loads without leakage. The (standard) drain & check valve reduces risk for breakdown thanks to improved protection of the shaft seal and removes the need for drain in many applications.

The new Orbital X motors are fully interchangeable with the existing OMP / OMR types. With its unseen modular platform, and form and fit with your existing applications, it redefines motor conversion, improves your performance and reduces your total cost of ownership.

Speed sensor ready
Orbital X is also speed sensor ready, which gives you higher flexibility and efficiency as the motor speed adjusts to the required working functions. The speed sensor can be simply mounted to the housing of the motor as a 'Plug & Perform' device that does not need any calibration or adjustments.

Your benefits

  • Higher performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Superior durability
  • Higher flexibility and efficiency
  • Improved motor protection
  • Reduced risk of breakdown
  • Interchangeability