Search function

How do I use the search function?

There are various ways. The easiest way is if you know the Part number . Enter this number in the search field and it will take you straight to the product you are looking for. 

You can also search using Technical information. You can enter one or more search terms in the search field. If you use this option, entering multiple search terms gives the most accurate result. 

The search function will automatically create a list of search terms based on the first three letters of your search term. Please note that this list is automatically generated. Can't see your search term? Then type in the full search term. 

Tips for a better search
Our 'How To Search Wiki' tells you the best way to search. Here are some pointers: 

Split words
'If you are not getting the desired search result, split longer terms into two words using a space, for example.' 

Singular & Plural:
'Searching for the singular or plural terms provides different search results. If you've looked for the singular of a product but you can't find what you are looking for, try the plural as the search term. If you've looked for a product in the plural but can't find what you are looking for, try the singular as the search term.' Information pages:
'Information pages are currently not supported in the search function. If you are looking for a specific information page, please refer to your My Account page or the footer.' 

Product groups:
'There is a difference between products and product groups. It is not possible to search for product groups through the search field.' 

What the system searches for:
'The search system searches for a number of components: products, categories, 'suitable for' pages and brands

How do I use filters when searching?

If you are searching for products, you can use the convenient filters to find the desired product quickly and easily. 

The filters are:
Temporary lower price

To undo the selection, untick the selected filter.

Can I customise the search results display?

Yes, that is possible. You can set your search results to be displayed in a List, Grid and Clear. You can also set the number of Results per page.

I cannot find my product on the webshop.

It may be that you are unable to find a product in our webshop. The section How do I use the search function? includes a number of useful tips that can help you on your way. Still unable to find the product? Please contact us.

Product information

Where can I get the parts drawings of machines?

Each product has its own page: the product detail page. This page features all the product information you are looking for. The parts drawings can also be found on the product detail page for the relevant product. If you cannot find the drawing, please contact one of our product specialists.

What are my options when viewing images?

If you move the cursor over the image of a product on a product page, you will see an enlarged view of that image in the adjacent screen. This applies to photos as well as to technical drawings. By clicking on the (small) image of the product, you can zoom the enlarged view in and out and open the original image . You can close the enlarged view by clicking on the cross at the top right of the image.

In addition to photos and drawings, are there any other product tabs?

If available, the product page will also have, in addition to the ‘Technical information’ tab, a tab with ‘Media ’, which will give you additional information on the specified product and a tab with any product ‘Videos ’. Clicking on these tabs gives you access to this information.

How can I quickly get more information about a product?

In the product list, you can click on the icon for ‘More details’ (1) for a summary of the main product information. You will find the icon in all list views.

What is the difference between a product and a product group?

A group is a collection of related products. For example, a machine consists of several parts. The parts are the products. The machine falls within a product group. 

In the webshop both product groups and products are displayed.Use the box to select whether you want to see products or product groups . You can indicate your preference under ‘Preferences’. 

You can also do that on a category page by clicking on a drop-down menu 'Show'. 

Please note: if you select product group, you can no longer apply the filters.

How do I adjust the data displayed in the product list?

If you reach a product group via a category, you have the option of adjusting the displayed columns. You can do this by clicking ‘Show columns’ (1) and then choosing whether to tick or untick columns.

How can I browse different product groups?

If you reach a product group via a category, you can click on the arrows (forward and back) which are next to ‘Scroll over item groups’. This is a quick and easy way to view different product groups without having to go back to the category first.

How do I get a full screen display?

If you reach a product group via a category, you can click on the ‘Full screen’ (1) button. You will then see a screen that displays as much information as possible so that you don't have to scroll down any more than is necessary.




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