for machinery and control systems

A team of experienced engineers is available to develop customised solutions with you. We develop and build complete hydraulic units for customers, including the hoses, pipework and control boxes. Our specialists write customised software for the PLC. In addition to hydraulic systems, we also supply pneumatic systemsdrive technology and control technology.

Prototyping and co-engineering

Prototyping and co-engineering

Our specialists provide customers with advice and assistance with co-engineering and prototyping early in the development phase. Our extensive technical knowledge allows you to significantly shorten the time between prototyping and production of the machinery. Kramp partners with you to contribute to the rapid and successful introduction of your new products.

Technical advice, parts, assembly and maintenance
Our engineers will gladly help you make the right technical decisions during the development phase. Besides having the requisite knowledge and skill, we also stock all individual parts and so we can build the installation for you. This means you have a single point of contact for technical advice, parts, assembly and maintenance. Kramp. It's that easy.

Technical design and costing
Curious about how it works? It really is very simple. You contact your customer manager or a product specialist and they pass your request to Kramp Technical Services. Our engineers design the installation and provide you with technical specifications and a cost estimate. The structure of the estimate ensures that all costs are clear and puts you in control of the investment.

Would you like further information?

Please contact your account manager at Kramp with any questions about the design of machinery, control systems and prototyping.

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