Repair and testing

of hydraulic pumps, motors and components

We repair, overhaul and test all brands of hydraulic pumps, motors and components.

So whether you need valvespressure safety devicesflow valvespressure control valvescounterbalance valvescheck valvespressure sequence valves or differential valves, Technical Services at Kramp will be delighted to help.

We are also able to make adjustments to hydraulic pumps and motors in accordance with your wishes and specifications.

Checking hydraulic pumps and components on the test bench

Checking hydraulic pumps and components on the test bench

Our test bench allows us to quickly detect leaks and problems for you. The results are stored in our test equipment and you will always be consulted on the results of the test so that you can choose the best solution. This allows us to repair or replace your pump, motor or component.

  • We can combine and adjust all possible configurations for you
  • Your requirements are translated into cost effective and high quality technical solutions
  • We can integrate a range of pumps and motors into your system
  • Our test bench provides easy detection of problems and leaks

Fast delivery of hydraulic pumps, motors and components

If your pump, motor or part is in need of replacement, our stocks allow us to deliver promptly at all times. This means that we will keep your machine's downtime to a minimum. We are not tied to a specific brand, and in order to deliver high quality, we use components from manufacturers including:

Would you like further information?

Please contact your account manager at Kramp with any questions about the repair, overhaul and testing of hydraulic motors, pumps and components. Or download the PDF with all our technical services. 

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