Hydraulic hoses

Design and order

With Kramp, it is quick and easy to configure and order hydraulic hoses

With the Hose Configurator in our webshop, you can put together your hydraulic hose assemblies in just a few minutes. Whether you need a replacement component or a hose for a new machine design, our configurator asks a number of questions to ensure that you'll always get exactly what you're looking for. Enter the required specifications and select from our various options for cleaning, labelling, material protection and test certification.

How it works:

  • 1

    Configure kit

    Here you can configure your singular hose assemblies or kits and determine how many different hose assemblies should be in your kit, with a maximum of 20 different hoses per kit.

  • 2

    Configure assembly

    Here you can easily choose your desired hose specs through a number of specific questions. There are also options for choosing the cleaning, labeling, dust protection and test certification of your hoses.

  • 3

    Delivery options

    Here you can select the quantities per hose kit and choose your preferred delivery slot.

Set deliveries for hydraulic hoses

Set deliveries for hydraulic hoses

Once you are satisfied with the configuration, one click is all it takes to add it to your shopping cart. You can edit previous configurations from your order history and put together your own hose sets. These sets are assigned a single item number so you can easily order the same set again. In addition to hydraulic hoses, you can also use our online configurator to configure hydraulic cylinders.

Would you like further information?

Please contact your account manager at Kramp if you have any questions about designing or ordering hydraulic hoses.

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