Modify parts to suit your needs

Order quickly and easily

Easily and quickly configure modifications of existing parts

With the workshop machining configurator you can easily and quickly configure modifications of the parts you have chosen. Think of milling keyways, profile broaching and creating tapped holes. You can easily walk through the ordering process in 6 steps. When you are completely satisfied that the product meets your needs, you can add it to your shopping cart with one mouse click. Configurations are always saved, so it is easy to reorder existing configurations.

How it works:

  • 1

    Select product

    Here you can select the product to be processed

  • 2

    Configuration specifications

    Here you can provide the specifications for the chosen product, such as type, number of teeth and choice of material

  • 3

    Configure Bore

    Here you can determine which bore you want to add, think of internal profile, square, hexagonal and cylindrical holes. You can choose from different sizes here

  • 4

    Configure locking

    Here you can choose from type of keyway, quantity, type of tapped hole, size square and hexagon as well as the position of the keyway and tapped hole

  • 5

    Configure size

    Here you can choose the diameter and length of the chosen product

  • 6

    Delivery options

    Choose your preferred delivery slot