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Today, every business is becoming digital. Efficient order processing is without a doubt one of the most important elements of a successful company. With KrampConnect (EDI) we help you build the right infrastructure. Because good order processing allows your business to grow.

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KrampConnect (EDI) facilitates the exchange of data between different systems. This connection enables a seamless integration of order processing between your company’s DMS (Dealer Management System) and Kramp. Duplicate data entry is no longer required thanks to an EDI connection. KrampConnect (EDI) takes the task of manually processing data off your hands.

Why KrampConnect (EDI)?

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Increase efficiency

It saves you time and money


Reduce errors

Fewer errors: no double entries


One point of reference

Faster processing means higher cashflow


Future proof

Upscaling the connection makes you prepared for the future

How does KrampConnect work?

The processing and transmission of purchase orders is usually a time-consuming task that goes hand in hand with an unavoidable risk of errors. But this no longer needs to be the case: Now, as soon as a purchase order is complete in your system, you can send it to Kramp via the EDI connection with the click of a button.

Always having the right parts in stock allows you to provide an optimal service to your customers. You can search for and order items in your own software system. When an order is placed, the purchase order can be imported to your Dealer Management System (DMS) through the connectivity modules. This connection provides the link between your DMS and Kramp. Overall, the ordering process is hugely simplified.

Getting started with KrampConnect

A Kramp connection is relatively quick to establish. Together with your DMS supplier, we will take care of the connection from start to finish, so you do not have to do anything.

How does KrampConnect work?
Functionalities within a Connection

Functionalities within a Connection

ModuleFunctionalityYour main benefit
1. EDIOrdersNo double entry, process a direct order from your DMS
2. EDIConfirmationDirect validation
3. EDIDelivery noteDirect booking into your DMS
4. EDIInvoiceFaster processing = Higher cashflow
5. APIOnline stock + pricesLive info in your DMS
6. OCIConnect our webshop to your DMSDirect import of webshop orders into your DMS
7. PricatsPrice file for downloadComplete pricelist offline available

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