How to glue a windscreen to a tractor cab?

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Is the windscreen of your tractor broken? Or does it need an upgrade? Installing a new windscreen is no longer a complicated task following the steps that Adhesives Specialist, HENKEL, show us in the video below. Using their TEROSON BOND 60 set, the windscreen can be installed in no time and with just one person.  

Prepare yourself for the process by making sure you have all the necessary equipment listed below: 

How to glue a windscreen to a tractor cab?

Be careful when you have finished installing the windscreen! The vehicle can only be used after a certain amount of time has passed. This period of time depends on the weight of the windscreen. Use the below table for the recommended times. Wait for the full time to pass before using your machinery.   

Temperature range -10˚C to +45˚C weights of glass Drive-away times 
0 – 40 kg 1 hour 
41 – 59 kg 2 hours 
60 – 89 kg 4 hours 
90 – 120 kg 6 hours 
Tilting the cab forward 12 hours 

Remember, if you’re still unsure at any point, or would like expert advice on windowscreen installation or choosing the ideal TEROSON glue, get in touch with your nearest Kramp representative or dealer. We’re always happy to make your life easier. 

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