Hose assembly at Kramp

Assemble top quality hydraulic hoses

We assemble top quality hydraulic hoses to meet your requirements. You determine the cut length or total length, the required couplings and the quality. We ensure that your hoses are supplied at the requested time. If you order up to 10 customised pieces before 18:00, then the hoses will be delivered the next day, if necessary 100% tested and cleaned according to NAS Class 6. Our extremely fast service means optimum flexibility for you and your customers.

Standard hose assembly

Kramp can press hydraulic hoses with various inserts and diameters.

  • Diameters can range from 3/16" to 2" with six steel layers
  • Hoses are provided with a label as standard
  • Hoses are blow-cleaned as standard and are supplied in a bag to maintain cleanliness
Cleaning hydraulic hoses

Cleaning hydraulic hoses

Contamination is the cause of 80% of problems with hydraulic systems. Contamination can arise during the hose assembly process. For this reason, it is advisable to clean the hoses:

  • With fluid: an effective method, but one that is very labour intensive and costly. There is also the risk that residual fluid will remain in the hose.
  • With a plug: an 'ultra clean foam plug' (according to NAS Class 6 specifications) is forced through the hose to remove particles of rubber and steel.

After cleaning, we apply one of the sealing methods to keep the hose clean.

Protecting hydraulic hoses

Protecting hydraulic hoses

After cleaning, the hose is placed in a bag as standard. This protects the hose against contamination. We also, however, offer other options:

  • Capping of the ends
  • Complete packaging of the hose

You can indicate your preference when ordering.

Labelling hydraulic hoses

Labelling hydraulic hoses

Kramp offers the following options for labelling hydraulic hoses:

  • We provide the hydraulic hoses with a label protected by plastic tape, if required bearing an article number, production date or other information (this service is standard)
  • We can also engrave the swage ferrules for you
Testing hydraulic hoses

Testing hydraulic hoses

The hoses are tested by our specialists on the high pressure test bench. The tests can pressurise the hoses to up to 2400 bar. A guarantee certificate is provided.

Do you have a question about hose assamly?

Take a look at our PDF with all our technical services or contact your account manager

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